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Sunday, May 13, 2012

What have I been Up Too!

Happy Mothers Day!

Its been some time since I posted on Organic Girl as I took a brief hiatus to return to school. With four children and a full time schedule I had to make the decision to put my writing on hold to focus on my studies. I have to admit at first I was a wreck and wasn't sure about managing the whole thing. What school?, homework? Could I manage this? Of course this went through my mind many times and I felt like somedays were more overwhelming than others. Thank goodness my children and husband were patient and supportive.

My only down fall during school was finding the time to eat and when I did find that time I was not finding or making the best choices.  Long hours away from home left me pretty much drained which then left me totally wiped out. As a person with blood sugar issues (Hypoglycemia) I am not the best when I go too long without a meal. 

A few weeks ago, my sister in law was over visiting and introduced me to a product that she has been using.

I have to admit I skip breakfast alot!! So I figured it could not hurt to try out. I also gained a few (hmmm..ok...more than a few) pounds so I thought "Great and its Low fat, couldn't hurt right"

I had to wonder, Just What is In this Shake?  Will it work?, keep me full and satisfied?  So I watched this video first.

Ok that got me interested. She left me half a bag and I thought great , I'll try  it out once a day for a week and see if it helps out at all.   Nutritious and packed full of energy this simple shake not only tasted amazing but it left me full.

I didn't feel hungry and I felt pretty darn good.

This shake is certified heart healthy, kosher certified, diabetic friendly, wheat, gluten, lactose and egg free with 23 vitamins & minerals and a patented unique tri-sorb blend of protein.

Plus I love this one, this product is safe for kids. Yep!  For those super picky eaters or kids on the move (like my 12 year old son in track and field) this shake is a fast, easy and delicious. He takes a shake on track and field events for added energy and nutrients, and the best part he loves it.  So whether your trying to loose or need an excellent supplement this is an amazing nutritious product.  Check it out here!

So three weeks ago I started my 90 DAY Challenge to improve my health and loose that 10-15 pounds I packed on during school.  Stay posted for a full review and tell me What would your 90 Day Challenge be?


  1. Nice! I have a bunch of kiddos and recently went back to school too. It's hard isn't it! I'm curious what you're going back for.
    Best of luck to you!

  2. Welcome Back:

    I would be extremely interested in trying out this product. I am now back to work and find trying to eat three meals a day plus healthy snacks is very hard to do, a lot of time I skip breakfast, which is not good, I defintetly need a good supplement for this busy time of year! Thank you for sharing this info.

    Debbie Dunn

  3. Hey Jinny
    I recently graduated in January as an Electro-mechanical Engineering Technician. I was swamped with a 27+ hour a week schedual on top of homework. One thing I totally recommend Jinny is when you get frustrated and overwhelmed and the dishes are a bit piled up, Dont sweat it as it will all work out for you the end if you just believe in yourself :) I think its awesome!

  4. Hey Debbie!
    Thanks for the interest in Visalus Sciences. It is truly a way fantastic way to improve your overall health and wellbeing. For more information about the products visit my site here: http://karapearson.myvi.net/

    p.s I will also be posting a full review of Vi-Shape in the next few days so stay tuned!



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