How to raise a kid with a high self esteem

High self-esteem will lead your children to safely life for me. When the child acquires a high self-esteem in early lived, hewould run successfully the challenges life throws at him and not be deterred from difficulties. Confidence built tension between the natural character of the child and environmental response to it. Child receives positive reinforcement to endure, even the smallest, will develop a positive self image.

Many parents encounter infants with low self confidence. If children are afraid to try new tasks. The parents of these children are concerned, and rightly so, that the child will develop low self-esteem and seek to raise confidence in the child. Sometimes we find that the child is afraid of any mission because he had not received proper training. For example, it is difficult to watch a child learn to brush his teeth alone or tie shoelaces, if a person has not received a demonstrationflight. When the child will experience act like an adult presence, to praise his achievements, the child will acquireconfidence in carrying out the action and the time will make it easily without external encouragement.

using Fear as a positive motivator?


Child with low self esteem, is a child driven concerns and fears. He has not experienced many challenges in his lifeand when he suffers low self-confidence as it is, it mayprotect itself from failure by avoiding any action unknown.Sometimes, we have to listen to the fear of the child and find out what are the actions he has trouble. When it comes to a child at the age where he’s talking about, we can clarify with him directly what he fears and we can think of ways to dealwith fear. sometimes we all want the best for the child so wepushed it still has no actions to maintain their skills, such as reading too young, or that children experience a negative experience similar mission so he developed low self-esteemin the area. Once we understand the nature of fear, we can help the child develop appropriate skills to perform the task.

For example, a child does not take part in sports activities in the garden, it is possible that he was beaten in competitionby his garden, we can train the child to the game and let him win beginning to internalize the rules and the nature of the activity.

Though, we must be careful to give the child a sense of self-esteem is too high. Healthy self-confidence, is one that comes from a deep awareness of both our strengths and weaknesses and it is important that the child will identifyweaknesses, so he knew where to get better and gain appropriate qualifications before accessing the task.

After all, we do not want Scshar child becomes a boy and gets a driver’s license, he would act violently on the highway,but be aware of his experience as a driver and act accordingly.

Skill acquisition by positive reinforcement

True self confidence would allow the child to try new activities without self-judgment. We can help your child develop self-esteem by encouraging constructive actually experience themselves, without setting a specific goal at first. Only after the child has experienced an experiential tasks, we set clear objectives to undertake the task.

For example, when we want to encourage your child to help at home, we will initially give him simple tasks, such asarranging spoons and forks in place, while the child can observe the work of the adult and make the learning time,provided that necessary to acquire self-confidence, even while the quality of child with the parent and create a positive experience around the house chores. Once the child gets used for a work and receive praise for the beautifularrangement of spoons, he will be confident stable enough to move to more complex activities such as washing dishes.

Skill acquisition during training and positive reinforcement for the child to develop high self-confidence and enable him to cope with life challenges and failures in proportional and healthy, without break his spirit.