How to treat children with different needs ?

A. I was once asked whether I write articles about children with special needs,
I coach children with special needs or parents of children with special needs.

Well the answer is paradoxical: not, and, of course!
Every boy and girl, boy and girl, man and woman arechildren with special needs,
Special needs and basic development and maximum growth,
Basic needs that make them bliss and success (anyone whathappiness and success tell him).

What are the basic and special needs for happiness andsuccess of our children?
What I as a parent, should do and be for the happiness andsuccess of children?

Well I argue that there are three things and nothing else.

1. loved

Love them unconditionally, regardless of behavior, such as screaming, running wild or many.
Love them even when they are going in the opposite direction to yours, for example, taking an Yemin When you left”.
Love them when they‘re doing the irritating” or “worst” in the world, as to refuse to go to sleep, lie or a poo in his underwear, when contributions for years.
Love them just as they are, with no desire to change them, for example, have as their older brother,
Or like you perhaps?
Love them words,
Love them hugs,
Love them as you would want them to love you.

I’m talking about love, not a sense or idea, but Deep inside sensory level. When your heart is feeling acceptance andresistance. Your hearts feel like butter and a clenched fist.

 2. Believe

Some children are born with confidence and self-esteem / A and others do not, but your parents a huge impact in changing the feeling one way or another. You are probably familiar with the saying If you say you’re a fool enough times,eventually believe it” Well, it works the other way too.
Imagine that every day you would hear the following phrases: You should not,” “the great“, can”, You will succeed“, can you”, you’re smart”, you always have the most creative solutions.”
What impact do you think these statements would you?
What would you think of yourself?

Well if you want a child with confidence and high self-esteem, you must believe in every fiber Abrichm competence andabilities of the child.

Believe that there is someone who can solve their problems better than them,
Believe that there is someone who can face challenges better way of them,
Believe that there is nothing that can not be, do or have them
Believe in the power that they have.
Tell them that and they had done so,
Do this, and you will raise successful children, leaders and happy children who will be able to cope with life all time!

The story of Wilma Rudolph, the first American to win three gold medals in a single Olympics.
Wilma was crippled girl, who is African-American family is poor and many children, who grew up in the southern UnitedStates. When she was six years old, after she had recovered from severe pneumonia twice, was attacked by the polio virus. The result was a paralysis in her left leg.
She writes: “My mother taught me when I was younger I could achieve anything as I’d like,
The first thing was to walk without crutches

3 Be present

Although nothing material can not replace your presence with your children, not the most beautiful doll, the latestelectronic device or a plane ticket abroad. Anything expired materials, loses its importance and will forever be in yourpresence, builds and produces them.
Be present means to be ‘re all your children, looking, listening, touching.
Be present not want to say anything once, besides being itself.
Be present would be free of chores, freedom of thought to the future or the past,
Be present means to be here and now with all the attention, if only for a few minutes

Many parents have lost a true and intimate contact with their children, because they were busy all day activity,
Even if the action was for the children, is pointless as long as is not rooted presence.
All your children want is to be with you, so be with him, spend time with him!
How do I know you ask?
Because if it was a day of your life on earth, you would not spend it at the office, shopping, stock trading or cleaning the house. Would you spend it, fully present, with most favorite people and they hung their presence.

Show me a parent present, and I’ll show you a happy child!